Stuck at… San Diego International Airport?

Heading to or through San Diego International Airport (SAN) anytime soon? Be sure to go early so you can enjoy the art.

In the Terminal 2 East/West corridor (post-security) from now through September 15th, you’ll find Within the Heart of Time and Space, a temporary installation with 15 sculptures by San Diego–based artist Jeffrey Steorts,



Also, through July 2011 in the SAN Commuter Terminal (Pre-security) there’s an exhibit celebrating 100 years of naval aviation, measured from May 11, 1911, when Navy Capt. Washington Irving Chambers, Officer in Charge of Aviation, requisitioned the Navy’s first aircraft from aviator and inventor Glenn H. Curtiss.


For more information – and for more previews of the art and performance program at San Diego International Airport, check the art page of the SAN website. And for more information about services and amenities at SAN, see the SAN guide I created for

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