Lounge review: Air New Zealand Koru Club Lounge at LAX

Koru Club Lounge LAX

Except for that year when my husband bought me a United Airlines Red Carpet Club membership as a birthday present, I’m not a regular in airline club lounges.

Although I’d certainly like to be.

Especially after spending a few hours at Air New Zealand’s Koru Club Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Air New Zealand lax lounge

Located upstairs in Terminal 2, this large, bright club room has two walls of windows, great views out onto the airfield and several zones conducive for reading, working, watching news or grabbing a bite to eat.

Amenity-wise, the lounge offers complimentary wireless Internet access, phone booths, work stations with computers, showers, a copy machine and, in among the refreshments, wines and vodkas from New Zealand.

I don’t travel with kids, but I bet families – and other passengers – really appreciate the kids play area equipped with books, games, coloring projects and a flat screen for showing videos.

If you’re traveling Business Premier on Air New Zealand your ticket gets you into the Koru Lounge. But you can also gain access if you’re a Star Alliance Gold Member traveling internationally on other airlines (i.e. Air Canada) in Terminal 2 or if you buy a $55 day pass.

At first that $55 sounds sort of steep. But considering what you’d pay for internet access, lunch and a drink or two at the airport, this pencils out to a great deal.

And how did I find my way into the lounge? I was on my way to London with Air New Zealand as part of a Visit London media tour. My goal: inspect the Air New Zealand airport lounges and find cheap and offbeat places in London to write about.

And of course, to spend some time stuck at Heathrow Airport.

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