Snack Saturday: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Machine at New Bedford Regional Airport

Souvenir Sunday is coming up tomorrow, so if you’re at an airport today and find a great souvenir that’s under $10, “of” the city or region, and sort of offbeat, please snap a photo and send it along.

In the meantime, today is Snack Saturday, in honor of something unique I came across while researching a story about service at very small airports.

While telling me about the outdoor observation deck (officially “The Promenade”) and the other charms of the New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB) in Massachusetts, airport manager Ed DeWitt let slip that the airport is also home to what he believed to be a “rare” vending machine dispensing Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.

Rare?  Well, sure enough, it is.  Joseph Beaudette, the owner of Scoopless Ventures, told me that he’s placed some of these vending machines in colleges and other places in New England, but that the New Bedford Regional airport is indeed the only airport in the country that has a Ben & Jerry’s vending machine.

And here’s a twist: while at many airports ice-cream, coffee, and just about everything else costs more than it does in your neighborhood, Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream purchased from the vending machine at New Bedford Regional Airport is about 20% less expensive than at most convenience stores or carts.  And, says Beaudette, “These machines hold twelve different flavors.”

Do you have a favorite snack you indulge in when you’re stuck at the airport?  Tell us about it!  Before you scarf it down, take a picture and send it along to us here at

We’re thinking about making Snack Saturday a regular dish.

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One thought on “Snack Saturday: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Machine at New Bedford Regional Airport

  1. Andy says:

    I don’t have a picture, but whenever I’m travelling through Dulles, I always make it a point to grab a burger at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Very simple menu (basically hamburger, cheesburger, bacon burger and bacon cheeseburger), but hands down the best burgers I’ve ever had.

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