Dancing up a storm at Lisbon Airport

Here’s something we need more of at airports: dance numbers!

Imagine being at the Lisbon Airport during the Christmas rush when a voice on the public address system announces Flight 0000:  a special flight on which “No sad children or adults are permitted” and where “Only happiness is allowed on board.”

And then, all of sudden, TAP Air Portugal and Aeroports de Portugal employees rush from their posts to perform a spirited flashmob-style dance routine to a medley of songs ranging from the Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive to Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You.

Wild right?  There’s even a dancing Santa!

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9 thoughts on “Dancing up a storm at Lisbon Airport

  1. mary mayer says:

    we have a second home in belas 15mins from lisbon the airport staff are always excellent ,B A should take a leaf out of there book.

    friends of ours were in the airport when this was danced,loved portugase people never stop talking about the fab time in the airport it got everyone talking to each other.we all need a bit of fun,im off to lisbon at easter LETS DANCE well done to all involvedxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Claire, BC Canada says:

    Such a wonderful and thoughtful attitude toward their airport guests. Great action and dancing. Made me smile.

  3. Prof. Alex Abraham Odikandathil says:

    What’s life, if its not worth a laugh?

  4. ReemZara says:

    We need more of these kind of dance routines in airports!!!! Hats off to whoever choreographed the dance and compiled the medley… the medley and dance was too good! Great way to start a Year off!!

  5. Fantastic idea to spread cheer amongst travellers and airport staff. I had seen the video earlier sometime. Well co-ordinated. The unity and team work is very commendable. Cheeeeeeeers!

  6. Mary Uy says:

    Wonderful! What a unique idea of sharing happiness to passengers who must be stressed out waiting for their flight! Congratulations to TAP Air Portugal and to the Airport employees.

  7. gaspar says:

    this video is really enlightening after all the talks and rumours we hear from various airports

    just to second sylvesters thought i really do hope that atleast one civilly dressed security guard was placed in each position of the staff that participated in the dance

    but we truly enjoyed the video

    keep it up TAP

    Gaspar Baptista
    Goa India

  8. Sylvester (R.Hill-Canada) says:

    Simply So Thoughtful and Superb!
    Just one thing, I hope the security all around the area was also kept in place in view of the situation around the airport these days!
    To one and all those involved (in TAP and the Lisboa airport Authorities) “A BIG THANK YOU” for this beautiful piece of action. Great way to start of the Christmas season and kick in the NEW YEAR!

  9. David Pylyp says:

    This speaks to so many issues!
    Thank you to TAP Air Portugal and Aeroports de Portugal employees for this effort to improve local attitudes and break the monotony of the hurry up and wait that airports mean to me.

    What a great company that has employees like this working through the Christmas Rush!

    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto

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