Greetings from Prague Airport

I spent two hours touring the Prague Airport recently and found loads of welcome amenities; many of them brand new.

In addition to the free Wi-Fi service rolled out a few weeks ago (there are still a few kinks to work out; we couldn’t get it to work), the airport has a museum with vintage photos, documentary film footage and a replica historic aircraft that you can climb into.  The three-month old “Sky Relax” center offers salon services, showers, manicures and massages, while two new childrens play areas provide a fun place for kids to work off energy before their flights.

Prague kids play area

And both terminals have outdoor lookout terraces accessible before security.

Prague observation deck

Why all these fresh amenities?  “We started doing surveys and asking travelers what was missing from the airport and these were some of the things they mentioned,” my airport guide told me, “So we gave it to them.”

Makes sense to me.

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One thought on “Greetings from Prague Airport

  1. Laura says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for this info. I will be stopping over at Prague airport next week with my family (for 6 hrs!) and I’m very glad to know about the children’s play areas. Do you have any more information on their location within the airport? Terminal number or anything else that might help me locate them?
    Thank you very much!

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