Albany Int’l Airport art exhibit will be Out of this World

The Art & Culture Program at New York’s Albany International Airport organizes some pretty cool exhibitions and creates space for the work of a lot of wonderful artists.

I hoping, for example, that this steel and chenille stem chandelier by Ginger Ertz, featured on the airport Web site, is still on view when I visit the airport this summer.


And I’m looking forward to seeing the latest exhibition in the Airport Gallery. “Out of this World” ¬†(June 26th through ¬†November, 2009) will feature the work of seven artists that will, promises the press release,¬† “tap the reservoirs of our known world to create forms that we feel both acquainted with and transported by.”


Not quite sure what that means, but the press release goes on to mention plastic dishware, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, tree stumps, sewer grates, and a staircase.

And all that sounds mighty intriguing.

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