Penn & Teller take on the TSA

Like many travelers, the infamous, eccentric, libertarian-leaning magicians known as Penn & Teller have a gripe with airport security. Not with the people who work for the TSA, but with the idea OF the TSA.

And while the average traveler can just complain about the security checkpoint experience, Penn & Teller make it part of their Las Vegas show.


In my recent column, Penn & Teller put airport security to the test, learn how they use magic and a TSA-style metal detector, fire, a shovel, and a showgirl to make a point about the Fourth Amendment, the section of the Bill of Rights that addresses unreasonable searches and seizures.

According Penn Jillette, the taller, more talkative (on stage) member of the team, “The bit is essentially comparing magicians, who earn their living by doing things that are sneaky and disingenuous, with bad people who do things that are sneaky and disingenuous…and if two goofball magicians canĀ  slip this stuff by… then what could a really bad person do?”

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One thought on “Penn & Teller take on the TSA

  1. Ron says:

    I’m glad to see that Penn and Teller are still as funny as ever.On the agenda for my Vegas trip!

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