AirTran Airways promises Wi-Fi on every flight

AirTran Airways is announcing today that it plans to have its entire fleet of 136 airplanes equipped with GoGo in-flight Internet service by mid-summer.


As on other airlines that are offering this service, the fee will be $9.95 for flights under three hours and $12.95 for longer flights if you access the service with your laptop.  The fee will be $7.95 if you’re accessing the service on a smartphone.

In-flight Wi-Fi service is a great new amenity, but I’m looking forward to  sifting through the pile of 29,000 other ideas for in-flight amenities that were submitted to the airline during its recent Every Flight campaign.  Because while Wi-Fi is nice, wouldn’t it be fun to have ballroom dancing,  pretzels and mustard, sofas, neck pillows, and Mel Torme on your next flight too?


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