What would/should you pay for in-flight Wi-Fi?


Air travel used to be so easy:  Pick a destination, call a travel agent, buy your ticket, pack, get dressed up, go to the airport, fly.

Now? It’s much more complicated:  Choose a destination. Scour the Internet for tickets. Decide: pack a carry-on or pay to check a bag?  Dress for success at the security checkpoint. Stock up on food and water.  Then, settle in and elbow your seatmate for a piece of the armrest.

Soon: All of the above; plus deciding if you’ll pay for in-flight Wi-Fi and, if so, which plan to buy.

Find out what airlines are charging for sky-high Wi-Fi and if those prices are likely to stick in my Flying the Wi-Fi Skies story posted on MSNBC.com today.

And let me know: what WOULD you be willing to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi?

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