Panini or weenie at Austin Bergstrom International Airport?

The Highland Lakes Bar at Austin Bergstrom International Airport is now the Ray Benson Roadhouse with the Asleep at the Wheel Stage.  Airport concert organizer Nancy Coplin says “It looks great and will be a really fun place to hang out when you’re in the airport.”

Here’s a photo of NELO testing it out:


The official grand opening is April 9th and in addition to the great music, the roadhouse will be serving Salt Lick tacos, weenies, and panini sandwiches.

(Photo by Sandy L. Stevens, courtesy of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport)

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2 thoughts on “Panini or weenie at Austin Bergstrom International Airport?

  1. Susie Love-Sanchez says:

    I think having live music is a inspiration for people waiting in airports. Especially in these economic times. Rock on

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