Update on MIA’s Carybé murals – the video


Miami International Airport is going to be the new home of the two murals by Brazilian artist Carybé that were part of the American Airlines terminal at JFK since 1960.

Taking the murals out of American’s old JFK terminal wasn’t easy – each mural is 16½ feet by 53 feet. And they weren’t just hung on the walls; it looks like they were painted onto the walls.


Find out about the project and the complicated process of getting the Carybé murals from NY to Miami in this video. Then make a plan to go see the murals in their new home in Miami’s South Terminal, sometime after May 2009.

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One thought on “Update on MIA’s Carybé murals – the video

  1. Matt P. says:

    This is a stunning project. In the 1960’s I was a kid who lived in Queens who used to spend many teenage weekends walking the terminals of JFK…I remember these murals well, as I viewed them and imagined destinations far away. Glad Miami now has the second life of these murals.

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