Plane ticket? Check. Parking spot? Oops…

I’m a terrible liar; so I don’t often try it. I can’t even get away with fibbing very often.

But after getting turned away from several near-the-airport parking lots one Christmas holiday I figured out the answer to “Do you have a reservation?” was “Of course!”

Even though the thought of making a parking lot reservation hadn’t ever crossed my mind.

So I’m glad that the folks at AirportParking are making an extra effort this holiday season to remind us that it’s a good idea to check prices, get directions, and make a reservation for a parking spot before you head to the airport. Their site helps: it’s got links, distance, and price information about parking lots near more than 100 airports. I checked the information for my city and was reminded by another users’ note about the discount coupons that put a valet lot in my price range. Thanks!

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One thought on “Plane ticket? Check. Parking spot? Oops…

  1. I long ago gave up driving from Boulder to Denver International Airport. Close-in parking is too expensive, and for all but the shortes trip, remote and private parking fees also add up. I occasionally take Super Shuttle, a van service, but whenever I can, I take the RTD public bus. The cost is $11 each way ($5.50 for seniors; free for anyone with a variety of regional passes). And unlike van drivers (whether SuperShuttle or vans that ferry passengers between outlying parking lots and the terminal), public buses are not decorated with signs stating, “TIPS APPRECIATED.”

    Claire @

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