Airport parking deals at Nashville Int’l Airport. Will other airports do the same?

Airports earn a big chunk (and in some cases a majority) of their non-aeronautical income from on-site parking fees, which offer convenience in exchange for rates which are often a few bucks more per day than off-site lots.

In general, there are plenty of parkers to go around. But with folks cutting back on travel – and trying to squeeze more out of their travel budgets – there are more open empty stalls at airport parking lots than ever before.

Maybe that’s why Nashville International Airport (BNA) is offering to accept off-site competitor’s parking coupons until November 15.

According to the airport’s press release:

“Valid coupons from any competing parking service will be honored and applied toward parking fees accrued when customers utilize any of BNA’s parking lots. Off-airport parking companies in the immediate vicinity of BNA are considered competitors…. Competitors’ coupons can be applied toward parking fees accrued in the valet, short-term, long-term and economy parking lots…”

Once the holidays are over, I predict we’ll see more matching offers like this at other airport parking lots. And then, it’s anyone bet when airports will adopt the grocery store idea of offering “double coupons” days. I’m all for it.

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One thought on “Airport parking deals at Nashville Int’l Airport. Will other airports do the same?

  1. Silas says:

    San Diego and a few other airports offer parkers a break with a FREE cel phone waiting lot. There’s a post about it, with map, on the airport’s employee blog:

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