Open house at new Indianapolis International Airport

Proving, once again, that it’s often lots more fun to just hang out at the airport than to actually fly anyplace, thousands of folks showed up this past weekend for the open house at the new Indianapolis International Airport.

In addition to all the new shops and eateries, the new terminal, just down the road from the old terminal, has lots of great new artwork.

For example:

This piece, called JetStream, was proposed by Rob Fisher, a well-known sculptor who died before he could construct the piece. Luckily his wife and daughter completed the piece, which is made of 120 “crafts” arranged in a pattern that resembles the way the jet stream curves around Indiana on a national weather map.

Breath (above) is a kinetic sculpture created by Indianapolis artist Greg Hull. The work consists of 11 hollow forms suspended at various levels that, when operating, will seem to inflate and deflate – or breathe.

Want to see more? The Indianapolis Star has a nice slide show on its Web Site.

Or you can just plan to a visit on your own. The airport opens for real – with arriving and departing flights – on November 12th, 2008.

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