Birdwatching at San Diego International Airport

The folks at San Diego International Airport are keeping busy this summer.

There are all sorts of new art and history exhibits going up,  (including one about surfing; stay tuned) and a full schedule of “Terminals to Tarmac” tours.

In addition to showing off the airport’s great collection of public art, the rest areas for animals, the control tower, and the fire station, the tours offer a peek at the airfield nesting areas of endangered Least Tern seabirds.

Airport officials say there are 136 Least Tern nests in the Nesting Ovals on the east side of the airfield; the second-highest number of nests in any one year at San Diego International Airport (SDIA).

The free tours are available eight times a month and last two hours. To sign up for a tour, click here.

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