Swords to Plowshares at Orlando International Airport

Taking the family to Disneyworld this summer? Be sure to spend some time exploring the art at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

The permanent art collection includes this oh-so-appropriate piece by Duane Hanson titled The Traveler. (It’s in the Main Terminal, Airside 2 security checkpoint).


Through September 30, there’s also an intriguing collection of World War I metal trench art on display in the ARTport Gallery next to the security checkpoint for gates 60-129.

Trench art?

It seems during WWI and II, soldiers with downtime between battles, prisoners of war, and wounded men convalescing in military hospitals used artillery shells, bullets, pieces of airplanes and other bits of brass and scrap metal to make ashtrays, lamps, and all manner of decorative and functional items.


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