PDX carpet

Wacky carpet exchange between Portland and Orlando airports

On  Thursday, March 16, Alaska Airlines kicked off flights between Orlando and Portland.

To mark the day – and with a nod to PDX carpet that became a national celebrity – Portland International Airport and Orlando International Airport did a carpet exchange.

Here’s how it went down on Twitter.

Swap a PDX memory for a PDX carpet mat

2_PDX_Foot-forward selfies with the PDX carpet are very popular at Portland Int'l Airport

Want your very own piece of the world-famous PDX carpet?

Here’s one way to get: Portland International Airport is turning 75 and is asking people to share their favorite PDX memories in a written note, video, photo, audio recording or email at PDXmoments.

Each week through Nov. 29, the airport will pick one of the stories and share it on the PDXmoments website and on social media and, if your story is selected, you’ll get a PDX Carpet mat as a prize.

At the end of the celebration, the airport will pick one special story from the bunch and award a $500 PDX air travel voucher.

I’ll start…when I first moved to Portland (waaay, back in the early 1980s) I lived not too far from the airport and there was free parking out in front. Just inside the front door: the city’s first Haagen Daz outlet. So going to the airport just for ice-cream became a regular, and very sweet, outing.

PDX Carpet & Portland’s Starlight Parade

Pretty darn exciting, isn’t it, that the grand marshal at the Starlight Parade taking place May 30th during Portland’s Rose Festival is going to be the PDX Carpet from Portland International Airport?

The announcement came during Friday’s carpetfest featuring a wide range of products bearing the rug’s pattern.  Stay tuned for more details on how the rolled up flooring is going to fulfill its parade duties – which include waving at spectators along the parade’s path.

The PDX Carpet – now a jam & a parade leader

2_PDX_Foot-forward selfies with the PDX carpet are very popular at Portland Int'l Airport

The carpet at Portland International Airport gained cult status long before the announcement that the flooring was being replaced.

T-shirts, water bottles, caps, socks, a beer and other souvenirs bearing a copy of the carpet pattern were created and the airport recently announced the distribution of large patches of the original flooring to local companies and creative-types for repurposing.

The latest news came Friday during the airport’s “Carpetfest,” where it was announced that the carpet will be the grand marshal of the Starlight Parade on May 30, 2015 during the city’s Rose Festival.

Also unveiled yesterday: the newest product created to honor the carpet: “Preserve The Memory” Triple Berry Preserves jam – from Columbia Empire Farms and now on sale in the airport at the Your Northwest store.



How to get a piece of the PDX carpet

2_PDX_Foot-forward selfies with the PDX carpet are very popular at Portland Int'l Airport

Want a piece of the world’s most famous airport carpet?

Now’s your chance.

The 30-year old green, blue and pink carpeting in the terminals at Portland International Airport became an iconic symbol of home celebrated on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Now, to the chagrin of hipsters in the hippest of cities, the PDX carpet is being replaced.

Souvenirs mimicking the rug’s criss-cross runway pattern exist on everything from socks, caps and water bottles to tote bags, sneakers and bike helmets.

But because there’s nothing like the real thing – and because so many PDX carpet fans and creative entrepreneurs want pieces of the real rug the airport is replacing – PDX officials decided to take applications and choose a few groups that would be awarded 1,000 square-yard carpets sections to use for creative re-purposing projects.

Four local organizations were chosen from an applicant pool of 32 and they will each get their coveted cache of carpet sometime in May.

City Liquidators plans to make welcome mats and rugs out of the portion of the PDX carpet it receives.

Carpet Mill Outlet will make large sections of its PDX carpet allotment available for installation and create bound area rugs with the rest.

Sling Chair 'in the works' at The PDX Project

The PDX Project hopes to make area rugs, door mats, sling chairs (above), and cat accessories.

And MyPDXCarpet.com , is taking pre-orders for products that include pieces of the carpet bound and unbound, coasters and sections of carpet suitable for framing.