Leftover currency? Here’s what to do with it.

What can you do with all that ‘funny money’ and foreign currency you bring home from a trip? Keeping it is just one option.

More snaps from Incheon’s new Terminal 2

More snaps – and a short video – from the first day at Incheon Airport’s new Terminal 2.

Taking turkey: Delta changing rules on service animals

No doubt you know someone, or have set next to someone, or read an outrageous story about someone who has claimed their pet dog or, in some cases, pet turkey,

Snaps from Incheon Airport’s new Terminal 2

A few snaps from Terminal 2’s opening day at Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea

Alaska Airlines shares details of flights from Paine Field

Alaska Airlines has announced which cities it will fly to from Paine Field-Snohomish County Airport north of Seattle.

Airlines roll out new “smart luggage” rules today

New rules about flying with “smart luggage” powered by lithium batteries go into effect today.

Get your marriage license at the Las Vegas airport

Going to Las Vegas to get married around Valentine’s Day this year? Save time and get your marriage license at the airport.

How a 747 design change proposal spurred the ’60-foot rule’

How a debate over a design change in the 747 led to the potentially life-saving “60-foot rule.”

Even more ways to get to Iceland – and beyond

Icelandair announced two airport that will get seasonal service to Iceland: Kansas City International Airport and Baltimore/Washington International.

More robots at an airport near you

More robots are showing up as workers at airports. And some speak French.

SFO gets FEMA OK for Wireless Emergency Alerts

San Francisco International Airport is the first get FEMA approval for a new wireless emergency alert system that may save your life.

Water pipe break at JFK piles on the misery

As if things weren’t bad enought at New York’s JFK Airport as it tried to recover from the nor’easter, on Sunday afternoon a water pipe break in Terminal 4 wreaked even more havoc for travelers.

Check out TSA’s video of 2017’s Top 10 Unusual ‘Finds’

Check out the TSA’s fun (yes, fun) video about the 10 Most Unusual ‘Finds’ of 2017.

Updated list of airline travel alerts

Here’s an updated list of travel alerts and advisories from airlines as winter storms descend on the east coast.

Airlines issue travel alerts for first round of 2018 storms

Here’s a list of airlines that have posted travel alerts and change fee waivers for the first round of 2018 storms.