Lost bag rate dips. Again.

Go ahead, check that bags. Chances are better than ever that is won’t be lost.

The end is near for separation between Virgin America & Alaska Airlines

We knew it was coming. But starting April 25 the final separation between Virgin American and Alaska Airlines for passengers falls away. The mobile app, the call-in center, the check-in counters, the gates: all Alaska Airlines now.

Filed your taxes? Now get some free stuff.

Finished your taxes? Now get some free stuff.

Icelandair welcomes its first 737Max

Icelandair flew a special celebratory flight to welcome its first 737Max airplane. I was fortunate to go along for the ride. Here are some snaps from the flight.

Airline amenity kits you might fight the kids for

Check out these airline amenity kits designed for children.

Denver Int’l Airport will get an Amex Centurion Lounge

American Express will open a 14,000-square-foot Centurion Lounge at Denver International Airport in 2019.

Skyrider ‘saddle’ seat: now in version 2.0

Here’s another “Would you fly..?” item from the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany: the Skyrider ‘saddle’ seat.

Would you sleep in an airplane cargo section?

Would you sleep in the cargo compartment of an airplane? Before you say no, check out these sleeping modules being proposed by Airbus.

World’s busiest airport in 2017? Atlanta! Again.

World’s Busiest Airport for 2017? Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport grabs that crown. Again.

What would make your trip to the airport more fun?

What are the options – now and in the future – for getting to, through and from airports and perhaps, having a healthy meal along the way? And what’s in store for ordering something to eat once you’re in your seat and on your flight?

Travel Tidbits from Denver and Los Angeles airports

Travel Tidbits from Denver International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, including news about ‘smart’ bathrooms.

What happens to those checked bags?

What happens to your luggage after it gets checked in at the airport ticket counter? I visited the ‘bag well’ at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to find out.

Airports celebrate National Walking Day

It’s National Walking Day and airports around the country are reminding travelers about the marked walking paths in the terminals.

Airline amenity of the week: free sunscreen on Hawaiian Airlines

Throughout April, Hawaiian Airlines is handing out complimentary eco-friendly sunscreen packets to help save the coral reefs.

Passenger-friendly innovations in skies now – and on the horizon

A couple of innovative finalists in a contest for passenger amenities, including an in-flight urinal and a way for economy class passengers to stretch out.