Greetings from Missouri’s Springfield-Branson National Airport

Greetings from the Springfield-Branson National Airport in Missouri, where I found a replica of the Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer, a great art exhibit and cow-tipping t-shirts.

History, art or culture – for free – during Museum Day Live!

More than 1300 museums around the country will offer free admission (for two) on Satuday, September 23, 2017 to anyone who downloads a ticket. Here are some suggestions of places to visit.

Music, events coming up at IAD, DCA, CLE and PIT airports

Mark your calendars for events taking place at DCA, IAD, CLE and PIT airports next week and into October.

Fresh art at San Digeo Int’l Airport covers car rental center

Fresh art at San Diego International Airport comes in the form of a giant, e-paper installation covering the facade of the rental car center.

Oktoberfest at Frankfurt Airport

Oktoberfest season is here. Do you have a bar to recommend at an airport?

Icelandair’s in-flight immersive theater experiment

Icelandair celebrates its 80th birthday with an 11-hour immerserive in-flight theater performance.

At Boston Logan Airport: Visit the 9/11 Memorial

On September 11 – or anytime you’re at Boston Logan International Airport – take a momen to visit the airport’s 9/11 Memorial.

Hurricanes havoc for airports and air travelers

Hurricane havoc for airlines, airports and air travelers.

Ice-cream flavor honors Portland Int’l Airport

For a short time, there will be a special ice-cream flavor celebrating the experience of flying into Portland International Airport.

Airline travel Alerts for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has just been categorized as a category 5 storm. Here are links to airline travel alerts as of Tuesday morning.

Reno-Tahoe airport says bye-bye to dusty Burners

Reno-Tahoe International Airport is sending the dusty folks from the Burning Man Festival on their way. But not before making sure everyone puts all their suitcases and other things in plastic bags.

Fresh art at Albany International Airport

Fresh art at Albany International Airport.

Sleeping in airports

Sleeping in airports. Some folks can do it. Some can’t.

Behind-the-scenes at Denver Airport: my ride-along with United

More photos – and a link to the full column – from my overnight ride-along with United Airlines at Denver International Airport.

Boston Logan Airport studying pick-up/drop-off fee for passengers

Boston Logan International is studying whether or not to add a fee fee for drivers to pick-up or drop-off passengers at the airport. Should they do it?