Robert the Haunted Doll

New terminal at Key West International Airport

Wednesday (Feb 25, 2009) was opening day for the new terminal at Key West International Airport (EYW), which is on Florida’s southernmost Key and just 90 miles from Cuba.


The new terminal has second-level ticketing, a departure lounge, retail concessions, and a restaurant and tavern.  The old 1957 terminal won’t be torn down, just renovated and updated.

I haven’t toured the new terminal yet, but did have the pleasure of visiting the old one a while back and learning about the airport’s colorful history.


During WWII, the Key West airstrip, which was known as Meacham Field, served as a dirigible base.  It became Key West International Airport after the war and for many years there were only two scheduled flights a day.

Still, the airport restaurant was a popular destination. Perhaps that’s because during the1960’s and 70’s the lounge featured a topless all-female band and the bar stayed open 24 hours a day.

An intriguing attraction right across from the  airport museum is the Fort East Martello Museum, which is home to a wide variety of intriguing historical items, including Robert the Haunted Doll, a straw-filled toy that many believe to be the embodiment of evil.