At home, you can still read the in-flight magazine

Do you read the airline magazine tucked into the seatback pocket?

A lot of these publications are getting awfully thin and awfully boring.  A few have disappeared altogether.

And some have popped up on-line.

Take a look at the latest issue of KLM’s iFly magazine.

The theme is “Light” and there are loads of great images, stories, videos, music, and audio clips and interviews.

There’s an interview with an astronaut, tips on visiting Berlin, a variety of other great multi-media features and an incredible slide-show of photographs by Censi Goepel and Jens Warnecke, who create images with amazing light effects.


The story includes videos showing how the duo make some of the images.

Photos of San Francisco’s Fillmore District at SFO


Carousel/Father & Daughter, 1950 by David Johnson

My buddy Michael Johnson sent me a note last week:

“My dad’s photography work is up at SFO’s international terminal.”

Boy is it!

Not sure why I didn’t know this before, but Michael’s dad is David Johnson. And David Johnson “was the first African American student of Ansel Adams. In Adams’ school, Johnson was advised to photograph his own neighborhood and document the faces and places with which he was most familiar. He subsequently became an important chronicler of black life in San Francisco in the middle part of the 20th century.”


Couple Dancing, SF c.1952; David Johnson

An exhibition of Johnson’s work “San Francisco’s Fillmore District 1940s -1960s”  is at San Francisco International Airport, in Terminal 1, B3-Gate 36 through the end of January.

Go see it.