Oslo Airport

Airport food tips from Foodie International

Elyse Pasquale, a blogger who calls herself Foodie International (www.foodieinternational.com), is finishing up her quest to travel 100,000 miles and consume 100 of the world’s best meals – in just one year.

Looks like she’s going to succeed.

As of Wednesday evening, Elyse has traveled 94,490 miles – and certainly eaten more than 100 great meals – and there are still a few days left in 2010.

As she nears the end of her project, this well-traveled foodie was kind enough to take a few minutes to share her tips for finding a great meal when you’re stuck at the airport:

As someone who loves to dine around the world, I make it a point to seek out traditional cuisine in international airports. An airport layover in a foreign city is a great opportunity to sample the local fare. In Oslo, grab an open-faced smørrebrød at the Salmon House Seafood Bar, at Tokyo’s Narita airport, try the conveyer-belt sushi at Ganso, and at Frankfurt’s Goethe Bar wash your weisswurst and pretzels down with a fine German brew.

Oslo Airport meal

Salmon smørrebrød in OSL (Oslo Airport) from the Salmon House Seafood Bar

Copenhagen Airport - breakfast

Breakfast at Copenhagen Airport

Photos courtesy Elyse Pasquale. THANKS!