MIA Airport

Silent movies showing at Miami Int’l Airport


Here’s a great amenity for an airport: silent movies!

This summer, Miami International Airport is hosting a Pop-Up Cinema showing classic early films.

Weekly screenings – there’s one scheduled for today – will take place in surprise locations throughout the airport.

Last week a Buster Keaton movie was shown. Today: Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie – from 1928.


The films are coming to MIA Airport courtesy of Obsolete Media Miami (O.M.M.), a repository for 35 mm slides, archival motion picture films and materials, and other legacy media and a resource for artists. designers, filmmakers – and now also passengers stuck at the airport.

Whales, sales & soccer at MIA airport

All sorts of news this week from Miami International Airport (MIA).

There’s a new exhibition of photography and video documenting the migration of whales from Alaska and Hawaii to Latin American, including Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

Look for Giants/Rutas de Gigantes in the airport’s South Terminal international greeter’s lobby.

MIA WHALE Jason Isley

Jason Isley/Scubazoo/Fundación Albatros Media

This week MIA also opened an online store to sell caps and mugs with the airport’s classic logo.

MIA MUG“We actually got the idea from a celebrity we saw online wearing an imitation cap with our logo,” said MIA spokesman Greg Chin. “After we tracked down the store and took legal action against them to stop selling the merchandise, our Airport Director got the idea to sell the real merchandise ourselves!”

And, to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, which kicks off June 12 in Sao Paulo, MIA has an ambitious line-up of activities for all the fans that will be flying to Brazil through MIA.



From late May through mid-July, the airport will be hosting interactive pop-up soccer fields with professional soccer players, soccer-inspired artwork by local students from Miami’s Design and Architecture Senior High, surprise musical performances (with a Brazilian beat) and Nintendo Wii Soccer game stations.  Shops will be selling soccer team souvenirs and gear and many of the shops will be having special offers.