Luggage Forward

Airfares by weight? One company predicts it will happen.


The folks at Luggage Forward, one of the companies that provides doorstep to destination luggage delivery, is putting out their annual industry report today and, no surprise, they predict that in 2009 travelers will:

  • Be paying increasing baggage fees:

“Despite falling fuel prices airlines have determined that baggage fees do not deter people from flying …”

  • Experience a crackdown carry-ons:

“Airlines must solve the newly developed problem of passengers carrying on too much which is causing delayed departures.”


  • Perhaps start paying airfares that take into account their weight plus the weight of their bags; checked and carry-on:

“Though this model seems somewhat farfetched, it is the model used by virtually every company who profitably uses airplanes to transport cargo – except airlines.”

Points 1 and 2 are a given. But charging passengers by weight? That’s still a very touchy subject.   Plus… what if you gain – or lose – weight after you buy your ticket?

(Image above: Norman Andersen’s Rainmakars Baggage mixed-media installation in the baggage claim at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.)