No underwear at Schiphol’s Victoria’s Secret

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is now home to what may be Europe’s first branch of Victoria’s Secret but, save for the photos on the walls, don’t go there expecting to spot any of the brand’s sexy lingerie.

Even though much of the underwear they’re known for is quite tiny, this small VS shop is only stocking fragrances, make-up and assorted branded accessories.

Washington’s Reagan National Airport branch of Victoria’s Secret is long gone, but if you’re a fan of the brand, you’ll find outlets at these airports:

Mexico City Airport Terminal D
Brazil-Sao Paulo Airport Terminal A
Miami International Airport Terminal D
Carrasco Airport Terminal D
Schipol Airport Amsterdam Terminal 3
JFK Airport Terminal 4
Ezieza Airport Terminal D (Buenos Aires)
Bangkok International Airport
Sydney International Airport
Kuwait Airport

And you’ll find an art installation inspired by the Victoria’s Secret catalog at Port Columbus Gateway to The Arts, an exhibition space at Ohio’s Port Columbus International Airport.