KLM’s new game: JETS

KLM JETS_edited

Like playing games on your smartphone when you travel?

Seems like everyone does.

Which is why KLM has a game – called Jets – that puts the two activities together.

Available free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store the game is filled with familiar Amsterdam sights (canals, bicycles, drawbridges) and awards in-game currency – Wings – for accomplishing various tasks.

I’ve downloaded the app and am working on the first level – collecting 100 stamps in the city with my paper airplane – but I’ll certainly fall behind any player who’s also a KLM passenger taking a flight out of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

Thanks to beacon technology installed at the airport, KLM passengers can earn extra Wings when they show up on time for their flight.

KLM has another game you can download and play: Aviation Empire lets you own and manage your own airline.