Delta Airlines

Delta will filter in-flight Wi-Fi

According to this report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Delta Airlines will block some Web sites when the airline launches in-flight Wi-Fi later this year.

I wrote a Well-Mannered Traveler column on this topic last week and, at that time, no one from Delta had the time (or the inclination?) to answer my inquiry on the filter-or-not topic.

Now, the AJC is reporting that, while the airline had originally planned to ask flight attendants to monitor inapprpriate in-flight surfing, it will now ask the Wi-Fi provider, Aircell, to block inappropriate content.

American Airlines is also considering filtering in-flight Wi-Fi.

What’s worse? Delta Airlines or the dentist?

Ever play that game, “What’s worse…”?

While I spent an hour stuck in a dentist’s chair today in Seattle, my friend Sheila was stuck in a slow-moving customer service line at the Atlanta airport.

Her connecting flight between D.C. and Memphis was one of the 275 flights Delta Airlines scrubbed today so it could perform safety inspections on 117 of its planes.

In a series of messages she left on my cell phone, my friend told me that at first she was informed she’d have stay in Atlanta until tomorrow, when seats on an alternate Delta flight might become available.

“Unacceptable,” my friend said. Sweetly, I’m sure. “I’m not leaving until we figure something out.”

And they did. My friend bought a pricey seat on an Air Tran flight.

Now let’s see if getting her refund is going to be like pulling teeth….