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Tidbits for travelers: Free Wi-Fi in Nashville; haiku contest on EL AL

Free Wi-Fi coming to Nashville International Airport (BNA). Sort of.

Free Wi-FI

Sometime before the end of the year, Nashville International Airport (BNA) will install two of what will eventually be 14 complimentary charging stations.

The airport will also begin offering travelers free wireless internet access in the food courts, the meeter/greeter waiting areas and in some restaurants.

But only the first twenty minutes will be free.

Airport spokesperson Emily Richard says 20 minutes is based on “expert assessment of actual usage reports.” Meaning, I suppose, that most people log on, send a few emails and are on their way. For everyone else: “The pay model remains,” says Richard, for those needing more time or “requiring the security features of a virtual private network.”

But here’s an interesting twist: according to a memo sent out by the airport, members of BNA’s Frequent Parker Program and valet parking customers will get 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi to use access anywhere in the terminal.

Not sure if that’s instead of the complimentary 20 minutes or in addition to it, but it’s all a step in the right direction.

Want to go to Israel?

Their joke contest is over. Now EL AL is running a haiku contest on Facebook. The most creative haiku will get a pair of free roundtrip tickets to Israel.  The deadline is October 22nd.

Here’s where to find more information on EL AL’s Haiku Contest.

Good luck!