Cama Beach State Park

Side-trip: Cama Beach State Park, Washington


It’s great to be able to fly around the world, but I’m always pleased to discover or be introduced to a great ‘new’ spot not far from my own town.

That’s what happened this past weekend, when I was urged to head out to Cama Beach State Park, on the southwest shore of Camano Island in Washington State.

The Washington State Parks system is celebrating its centennial year and this 433-acre park – once a privately-owned 1930s-era fishing resort with cedar cabins and bungalows right on the waterfront – is a hidden treasure.

There’s a mile long beach and both gray whales and pods of Orcas are regular visitors. Even better – inside one of the administration buildings is a small museum with a wide variety of taxidermy animals and beach-vacation memorabilia, including the Tartan suntan oil above.