Souvenir Sunday at Australia’s Brisbane Airport

It’s Souvenir Sunday – the day we take a look at some of the fun, inexpensive and local items you can buy when you’re stuck at the airport.

This week’s items come from Australia’s Brisbane Airport, courtesy of Leonie Vandeven. Our favorite is the painted emu egg, but it’s likely the crocodile meat, emu oil and essence of kangaroo sell quite well too.

Brisbane_Australian Crocodile Meat

Brisbane_Emu Lavender Moisturising Cream

Moisturizer made with lavender oil and emu oil, which is said to have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Brisbane_Hand Painted Emu Egg

Hand-painted emu egg.

Brisbane_Nature's Care Australia Essence of Kangaroo

Capsules made from essence of kangaroo are promoted as high in iron, essential amino acids and minerals and good for vitality, virility, general well being, overall health and stamina.


Connection conundrum: SFO or LAX?

If you’re traveling to or from New Zealand or Australia, you’ll have a make a connection in California at either LAX or SFO.

San Francisco would like you to make your connection through San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and has kicked off the “I Wanna Go Through SFO” campaign to urge folks to consciously make the choice to connect through SFO rather than LAX. The campaign includes this sort of cute video, which includes cameos by Mayor Gavin Newsom and the iconic SF Twins and lines like “…there’s the bad airport and then there’s San Franscisco International Airport.”

OK, LA. Let’s see what’s you’ve got!