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Fiesta Friday: Found at Cancun Int’l Airport

It’s been a very long time since I’ve traveled through Cancun International Airport and last time I was there the shops and restaurant offerings were sort of pitiful.

But, things have definitely changed.  Not only is there a now-classic, giant Duty Free shop, but a fair number of shops offering Mexican candies and snacks.


And, here’s a classic to add to my running list of chocolate ‘poop’ for sale at airports.


Airbus souvenirs from the Toulouse Airport


I traveled to Toulouse, France earlier this month to tour the Airbus factory and cover the delivery of the company’s 10,000th aircraft: an  A350-900 that went to Singapore Airlines adorned with a special decal.

On the way home, I spent some time in the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, where at least one shop had a corner devoted to Airbus-branded souvenirs and this adorable airplane mobile.




May I take my pony on the plane?

The TSA has a handy “Can I bring my … through the security checkpoint” tool on its website which makes it clear that ice hockey sticks, field hockey sticks and “sports equipment that can be used as a bludgeon (such as bats and clubs) is prohibited in the cabin of the plane and must be transported in your checked baggage.”

But what about the stick ponies I spotted being sold in at least three shops at Dallas Love Field?

During my three hours hanging out at DAL earlier this week I didn’t see any small children (or adults) throwing tantrums for being relieved of their ponies at the aircraft doors, so I assume traveling with stick ponies is just fine.

But I’m still scouring the TSA app and will ask for a formal ruling…

Love Field ponies

Souvenir Sunday at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

Suitcase kids

During an opening-day tour of the brand new International Terminal at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (officially: Tokyo International Airport) last week, I spent a good amount of time searching for souvenirs on the pre-security shopping street designed to evoke a very early style Japanese village.

Haneda Airport shopping street

And because Souvenir Sunday was coming up, I of course looked for inexpensive “of” the city or region items to share with you.

First up: Green Tea and wasabi-flavored Japanese Kit Kat bars, available by the single bar, the 12-bar box and in much larger mini-multi-pack versions.

Japanese Kit Kats - green tea

Other Kit Kat flavors being offered at the airport included strawberry cheese cake, blueberry chese cake, and Intense Roasted Soybean Flavor.

Blueberry chese cake Kit Kat

It turns out that’s just a small selection of the wild and wacky Kit Kat flavors available elsewhere in Japan – and around the world. Here’s a link to Fried Toast’s Flickr set of more than 100 types of Kit Kat ‘flavors.’)

I stocked up on Kit Kats and hit the Hello Kitty Store:

Hello Kitty with airplane

I contemplated buying these Super Hero-shaped water bottles, but realized I’d have to give them up at the security checkpoint.

Super Hero Water bottles

Instead I bought these cookies, which depict the airline of Sirotan, a white seal character popular in Japan –

Sirotan cookies

And, just because they looked fun and colorful, some paper souvenirs.

Haneda Airport souvenirs

After a morning poking around the shops in the International Terminal, I headed back to my hotel – which was conveniently located inside one of the airport’s two domestic terminals.  And there, at the Starbucks in the mall attached to Terminal 2, I found these special Starbucks mugs, made especially as an airport souvenir.

Special Japanese Edition Starbucks Travel mugs