What could LAN do with all that extra 787 room

LAN’s new 787 thrice-weekly flight from LAX to Santiago leaves at 2:30 in the afternoon and arrives at around 6 a.m. the following morning. Even with the five hour time difference there’s plenty of time in the air.

And while I was a flying (as a guest) in the premium business class cabin on the airline’s first 787 flight on that route earlier this week I had plenty of time to stand-up and contemplate what sort of in-flight activities the airline might host during the flight in the large space between the two seating areas of the premium business section.


This area doubles as the entry “hall” to the airplane and not all airlines leave this space on their 787s so wide open. But LAN does and while I was up stretching during the flight I was tempted to use this space for practicing forward rolls or to do some light jogging, but was too shy to do that in front of the people seated in the second half of the premium business section.



So I stood there and thought about some activities the airline could offer in that space during a flight that wouldn’t be so disruptive. Here’s what I came up with:

Yoga or organized stretching sessions;

Dancing classes

Board games

Speed-dating “happy-hour” (for business or social contacts)

I’m going to suggest that to the airline, but in the meantime – what activities would you like to see offered in this nice extra space on LAN’s 787 airplane?

LAN 787 Dreamliner: LAX to Santiago


I am delighted that my first 787 Dreamliner flight was on LAN Airlines, which on January 2 became the first carrier to offer international service on the 787 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with non-stop flights to Santiago, Chile three days a week (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) and with daily flights to Lima, Peru beginning in February.

In addition to pre-flight festivities that included short speeches and a ribbon cutting, there were snacks:


During the mostly night-time flight, we experienced just a few examples of the airplane’s LED lighting options, but before “real” passengers boarded, a full light-show was underway while press visitors and special guests toured the plane.



Finally – a ride on a 787 Dreamliner

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s a toast to a happy, healthy and productive new year.

Last year I was hard at work on a book (about things museums have but don’t show you) and had to decline numerous opportunities to fly on the 787 Dreamliner. I had to be content with just a few on-the-ground tours, but on Wednesday I’m pleased and excited to be booked as a guest on the LAN Airlines’ first fight of a 787 Dreamliner from Los Angeles to Santiago, Chile.

787 Dreamliner

The have been many 787 “firsts” and LAN, which was the first airline in the Americas to receive a 787, now boasts that it is the first carrier to offer international service on the 787 Dreamliner at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The LAN 787 will operate nonstop service from Los Angeles to Santiago, Chile three days per week on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with daily flights to Lima, Peru with continuing service to Santiago beginning in February.

My bags – and my camera – are packed, so check back for more 787, LAX and Santiago news over the next few days.

787 Dreamliner delivery

Here are some fun photos from a day spent at Boeing’s Everett campus, learning about and touring the 787 Dreamliner and wandering around the 787 factory floor in preparation for Monday’s long-awaited delivery celebration for the first Dreamliner delivery to ANA.

A bit mystifying... No smoking, yet the FAA requires an ashtray.

787 Dreamliner cockpit

More 787s in the pipeline at Boeing factory in Everett

Saving money? Note masking tape fix to turn 777 to 787.