Airplane etiquette. From kids.

Courtesy FAA

We’re all delighted that travel is getting back to some sort of normal. And it is understandable that we’re all a bit rusty about our airplane etiquette.

But, already, airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, rule-abiding passengers, and TSA have had it up to here with passengers refusing to wear masks, acting out, and being offensive on airplanes.

Some say the uptick in low behavior has to do with so many people being on edge about traveling after being cooped up for so long. But that’s hardly an excuse for some of the stories that are being shared round.

So if unruly passengers won’t listen to flight attendants, pilots, and other passengers about how to behave on a plane, perhaps they’ll listen to kids from this FAA video.

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One thought on “Airplane etiquette. From kids.

  1. Marylou Hansen says:

    unfortunately those inclined to disrespect rules (any kind) will never change :'(

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