Did you celebrate National Lost Sock Day?

Sunday was not only Mother’s Day, it was National Lost Sock Day. So today we gathered up some of the images we’ve been collecting of socks with airport themes.

Some of these you can order online to add to your wardrobe. Others are special edition socks that may be only available as promotions.

If your airport has its own set of socks, let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

These socks were designed by Luly Yang, the Seattle-based designer who created the uniform line for Alaska Airlines. The Alaska Airlines Company Store site currently lists these as not available, though.

The socks below were issued by Orlando International Airport (MCO) and include a pair that represent the airport carpet. Keep an eye out on social media as these are sometimes used as prizes.

We don’t know the status of these socks from CVG – Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, but do know these sock from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) are currently sold out.

These socks celebrate the (replaced) iconic carpet at Portland International Airport (PDX) and are likely still for sale at the airport branch of the Made in Oregon store.

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