Souvenir Sunday: mouthwash tabs for travelers

On Souvenir Sunday we celebrate inexpensive, offbeat and/or locally-themed souvenirs you can buy when you’re Stuck at The Airport.

This week, we’re focusing on a curious-but-cool and very inexpensive “invention” that arrived in my mailbox that may just find a spot in my travel amenity kit.

These Listerine Ready! Tabs, are zero alcohol, sugar free, tablets that somehow change from solid to liquid when you chew them so you can freshen up with a bit of safe-to-swallow mouthwwash on the go.

They’re a step beyond those ‘breath strips’ that were all the rage for a bit (and I notice are still for sale, and now come in cinnamon). But these tabs seem to be more serious and ‘robust’ and might come in handy after those long flights when the line to the airplane bathroom is long and you really just need to make sure you don’t overwhelm your seatmate with your morning breath.

Would you use this?

*I’m on a fair number of press mailing lists and things (sometimes related to travel, sometimes not; sometimes chocolate, sometimes not) show up in my mailbox. I share the more interesting items in an occasional “Would you use this?” post and store some items away to use a ‘prizes’ for readers who send along story tips or photos of great Souvenir Sunday items found on the road.

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