Souvenir Sunday: 2019 paper calendars that invite travel

2019 still seems far off, but it’s not too soon to pick out a few travel-themed paper calendars from the new crop of calendars already appearing in stores.

2019 calendars

Workman Publishing surprised me with a few samples of the travel-related calendars from their 2019 catalog, including one from Atlas Obscura (which comes in both a wall and desk version) and a cool Islands page-a-day calendar and a few others.

2019 calendars

It is tempting in these modern times to rely on the electronic calendars in our smart phones. But keep in mind that planners, page-a-day calendars and classic wall calendars with beautiful images of a favorite city you’ve been to, or of far-off places you’d like to visit, are a great way to ‘travel’ somewhere everyday.

2019 calendars

The popularity of digital calendars has challenged paper calendar publishers like Workman to be more creative in designing and packaging these products.

“We do publish wall calendars differently than we used to,” Janet Harris, Publisher,Workman Calendars, said via email, “We’ve found that the more consumers rely on digital calendars for their day-to-day tasks, the more they want a wall calendar that is breathtakingly beautiful or irresistibly cute.”

I’m already thinking about and shopping for the planner I’ll use and the wall calendars I’ll hang up in my home and office in the new year. I know they’ll be travel-themed, but beyond that it’s going to be a tough decision.

Do you still use paper calendars? If so, how do you choose which ones to live with for the year?

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