Planes on a train

I’ve toured the Boeing factory in Everett, WA a few times, but still don’t know enough about building airplanes to tell you where this airplane part was headed.

But I can tell you that in Seattle it is not that unusual to see a trainload of these parts going through town.

I snapped this pic on a walk through Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood yesterday on the way to the beach. There were lots of other folks on the path, but no one else seemed as entertained about this train-on-a-plane scene as I was.

Hoping one of our avgeek readers can share details on where these parts end up.



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3 thoughts on “Planes on a train

  1. Tim says:

    From Gordon Werner:

    Fuselages travel by rail from Wichita and are heading to the 737 factory in Renton for final assembly

  2. Bruce says:

    That is a 737 fuselage headed from Wichita to Renton, where the main 737 factory is located. They go through the Cascade Tunnel along Highway 2 and down the coast line from Everett to Seattle.

  3. Gordon Werner says:

    The 737 fuselages travel by rail from the factory in Wichita through Seattle to the 737 final assembly line at Renton Airport. Boeing is building 47 complete 737s each month so they are a common sight (and therefore the lack of interest by anyone else)

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