Airlines, airports getting ready for “Frankenstorm” Sandy

As hurricane Sandy makes it way to the U.S. airlines and airports, Amtrak, the New York subway system and highway departments along the projected path of the storm are getting ready.

Pretty much eery airline – including Hawaiian Airlines has offered to waive change fees and fare differences for passengers whose travel plans will be wrecked by the storm. USA TODAY has a good list of most airline weather waivers, but it’s a good bet that those waivers will get extended as the storm progresses, so check your airline’s website or Twitter feed.

Airports are also making preparations. On Friday, they were testing backup generators, clearing storm drains and taking other steps to get ready for the storm at Dulles International and Ronald Reagan Washington National airports. BWI airport officials said they were inspecting airport facilities and vehicles, reviewing emergency procedures and “coordinating preparations with airline and other tenants.”

Airports likely out of the storm’s path are also preparing for storm fallout. Denver International Airport issued a statement saying it was getting for fight backlog problems and notifying area hotels that they’re likely to be seeing stranded passengers.

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