At Atlanta Airport: no reason to be bored or rumpled

Technology is our friend at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

In addition to videophones for the deaf and hard of hearing that are being installed on all concourses, near north and south baggage claims and in the rental car center, ATL airport has installed a MiMuzicBox kiosk (on Concourse T) that allows users to quickly download music, movies, audiobooks and other entertainment to their own electronic devices.

Far more intriguing is the new U*tique.

Described as an “automated luxury retail outlet,” this giant vending machine on Concourse A sells 50 kinds of make-up, hair and skin products and has a touch-screen offering video demonstrations and information about each product.

So no excuses for looking rumpled at the airport.

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One thought on “At Atlanta Airport: no reason to be bored or rumpled

  1. Jerky McGee says:

    Fantastic! Now if they can only figure out the technological advancement of air conditioning…..

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