Souvenir Sunday: Aviation Museum Passport

By rights this should be posted on Museum Monday, but next week’s slot for that is already taken.

Instead I’m declaring the Paine Field Passport my Souvenir Sunday pick for this week.

There are four – count ‘em – four major aviation attractions clustered around the Snohomish County, Washington airport, north of Seattle: the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour, the Historic Flight Foundation, the Flying Heritage Collection and the Museum of Flight Restoration Center.


Beginning last week, these four attractions began selling a $10 Paine Field Passport. It’s a handsome document that gives visitors a 20 percent discount on admission from September through May and a 20 percent discount in shops and cafes year-round. Inside are descriptions of each aviation attraction, a map of the points of interest at Paine Field and a bookmark listing special offers.


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