Sneak peek at Environmental Steward-ess

Under the name “Recycle Runway, ” Nancy Judd makes couture fashion out of trash. One example: this western-style cowgirl skirt and vest made by weaving pages from old phone books. Pages from old directories have also been applied to the cowgirl hat and vintage “pee-wee” cowgirl boots. Used CDs create the silver accents on the outfit.

cowgirl outfit made of old phone books

Judd’s work has been displayed at airports in Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Albuquerque. And later this month, 18 eco-trash couture garments will go on display at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Of special interest will be this flight attendant uniform titled Environmental Stewdard-ess.


Judd says:

The uniform, hat and purse are sewn from worn-out leather seat covers from Delta planes. The cape is made from replaced safety cards, Sky Magazines, old plane tickets, and pretzel wrappers all cut into strips and sewn onto worn pillow cases. The cape was then lined with a discarded Delta blanket. Both the cape and purse appear to fly in the wind thanks to armatures created from metal wire used for yard signs during the last presidential election. Recycled aluminum cans were used to create the vintage Delta symbol on the purse, hat and belt.”

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