Souvenir Sunday: rechargeable William & Kate batteries

On Sundays, StuckatTheAirport takes a look at offbeat, inexpensive and locally-branded items you can buy at airports.

Souvenirs at Narita Airport

This week I found an item I’m betting will show up in electronics stores in Heathrow, Gatwick and all other airports in Great Britain any moment now – if it hasn’tĀ  already.

Moixa christmad pack rechargable batteries

For a few years now, my travel gadget wish list has included some of these rechargeable batteries from USBCell. They eliminate the need to tote around yet another charger because there’s a USB port under the cap that lets you recharge the battery on a USB plug on your computer or with a USB adapter.

I’ve been waiting for the price to come down on these batteries; they’re a bit pricey (about $18 a pair). But I may have to go ahead and buy a few packets now becauseĀ  the company has jumped on the Royal Wedding bandwagon and issued William-and-Kate-branded rechargeable batteries.

Corny but cute, yet very eco-friendly.

Santa, are you taking notes?

William and Kate branded eco-batteries

[Note: This Souvenir Sunday post isn’t a benefit-to-me promotion in any way, but when I asked MOIXA Energy for a photo of the royal batteries, they offered to set up a 20% discount code (“Royal120”) for readers. If you buy some, let me know how they work and what sort of conversations they ignite at the airport.]


If you find a great inexpensive (about $10), offbeat, “of” a city or region souvenir when you’re stuck at the airport, please take a photo and send it along. If your item is featured on Souvenir Sunday here at, I’ll send you a set of ANA (All Nippon Airways) Relax and Refresh aroma cards or some other fun travel souvenir.

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One thought on “Souvenir Sunday: rechargeable William & Kate batteries

  1. Justin Fullerton says:

    What a useless product! Given that I can charge everything from USB means that I don’t need many AA batteries now. My flip even charges directly.

    Waste of time and money !!

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