Get airline miles for airport purchases

You’re spending that money anyway, so even if you’re not a frequent traveler, it makes sense to enroll in at least a few miles and points programs associated with airlines, car rental companies and hotels.

If you can’t cash your miles or points in for a free flight, a free rental day, or a free night’s lodging, you can at least take advantage of some of the complimentary amenities these programs provide.

So here’s one more program to join. And one more way to accumulate airline points:

The Paradies Shops – represented at 65 airports nationwide – have partnered up with Thanks Again for a program that awards airline miles for purchases made in airport stores.

Participating airlines include Alaska, Continental, Delta, United and US Airways.  The Paradies Shops include CNBC News, PGA TOUR Shops, Brooks Brothers, Brighton Collectibles, Harley-Davidson, and The New York Times Bookstores.

Sign up for the Paradies Thanks Again program – it’s free – and make at least a $10 purchase in one of the stores before June 30, 2010 and you’ll get a kick-start of 100 bonus points.

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2 thoughts on “Get airline miles for airport purchases

  1. Lisa Linehan says:

    I love this. I am a big fan of earning miles for everyday purchases – why not?! Certainly, I will be saying Thanks Again when I fly free based on this program!!

  2. Dallas Dave says:

    I love this new partnership! I get miles for getting a magazine for the plane, and my usual bottled water for my waits in the terminal. These guys have figured it out!

    They also have a bonus threshold to get up to 4 miles per dollar spent. Cool deal! Good luck all.

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