WestJet offers hands-free Clapper technology

Here’s an interesting idea:

Today WestJet announced that it is introducing Clapper technology on board its aircraft that will allow guests to operate amenities such as lights and live seatback television, simply by clapping their hands.

“Made popular on television in the mid-1980s, Clapper technology is making an in-flight comeback thanks to the addition of a newly patented transmitter. Guests wearing the transmitting device while seated can clap once to activate the reading light in the console above their head, clap twice to change the channel on their live seatback television, or clap three times to illuminate the flight attendant call button. Transmitters are available to purchase online for $19.95, and the devices come in a variety of colors.”

Unfortunately, this technology is not yet available because it’s just an April Fools joke. But WestJet is offering a real 10% discount code on flights booked today for travel through June 29, 2010.  Use promo code APR02 and the coupon code UYQGDGN.

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2 thoughts on “WestJet offers hands-free Clapper technology

  1. I’m sure glad this is a joke! I would hate to be on flight sound asleep and my neighbor cracks a loud clap to get their light on. I’d be so startled that I’d let out a scream, which would start a whole litany of events with flight attendants come running, pilots thinking that a horrible event is occurring.
    Carol Margolis

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