PDX workers find good use for abandoned luggage

Here’s a nice story I found in this month’s PDXaminer, a newsletter for the people who work at Portland International Airport (PDX)

Two employees from Portland Habilitation Center (PHC), the company that provides the janitorial services at the airport, came up with an idea that does something nice for kids going into foster care while recycling luggage that police have determined is neither lost or stolen, but for one reason or another, abandoned at the airport.

Instead of throwing all that luggage away, the PHC employees donate some pieces to Oregon’s Department of Human Services Foster Child program so a kid who ends up in foster care with his or her belongings in a paper bag can at least have a suitcase where they can keep their stuff.

(Courtesy PDXaminer)

Good thinking!

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One thought on “PDX workers find good use for abandoned luggage

  1. PJ. Levy says:

    What a great thing to do!

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