New (renewed) murals coming to Miami Airport

If you traveled through JFK on American Airlines anytime after 1960 and anytime before the airline demolished it’s old terminal in order to build it’s swanky new one, then you may recognize the mural in this photo:


Brazilian artist Carybé painted two murals, each more than 50 feet long, directly onto the terminal walls back in 1960 and those murals were to be razed along with the building.  Luckily, though, the murals were saved.  Now, after being cut from the walls, restored, and trucked to Miami, the artwork has been installed in the new South Terminal at Miami International Airport.

There will be a party to unveil the murals on June 25th and after that anyone will be able to see this impressive works of art anytime: the murals are located before the security checkpoint.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview:


To see close-up details of the mural and learn more about the history of the project, see the Carybé at MIA Web site.

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