Afro-Cuban Art at John Wayne Airport

From now through the end of August, paintings by Cuban-born artist Viredo (just “Viredo”) are on display at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in the Thomas F. Riley Terminal.

Viredo’s paintings are inspired by the complex Afro-Cuban culture of his childhood in Regla, Cuba. Here’s a sample:

(Carmen 1998 – Courtesy Viredo and John Wayne Airport)

In the 1950’s, Viredo was one of the influential Cuban artists that became known as “The Group of Eleven” (Grupo de Los Once). He left Cuba for the United States in 1969 and is now an Orange County-based artist.

A colorful selection of Viredo’s paintings are on display on the departure (upper) level near the security screening areas and on the arrival (lower) level near baggage carousels 1 and 4.

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One thought on “Afro-Cuban Art at John Wayne Airport

  1. Lewis Ray says:

    Cuba has some amazing heratige and history when it comes to the arts and music. The Cuban Culture is amazing to experience and to participate in. Wayne Airport is very lucky to have this.

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