Flying this summer? Take notes.

cartoon_sad_airplane_ste_01.jpgNow that summer travel is in full swing, I bet Gregg Rottler will be getting lots of e-mail.

Rottler gathers tales of air travel woe and posts them, neatly and without editorial comment, on his Web site: Flights from

He does it partly to give frustrated travelers someplace to share some truly outrageous stories, but he also offers readers lots of “Wow, I’m glad-it-wasn’t-me” entertainment.

Story categories run the gamut from animals and babies (separate topics) to odors, weird people, and the ever-popular ‘reclining seats.”

Looking to the future, Rottler recently posted a link to some of my recent Well-Mannered Traveler columns about in-flight cell phone use: a topic that may someday earn a spot on the Flights from Hell top-ten list.


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