Crackdown on carry-on bags

United Airlines and US Airways recently announced they will join American Airlines and start charging passengers to check a first bag. That means a lot more people will start packing a lot more stuff into their carry-on bags.

“Not so fast” say the airlines. They’re cracking down on over-sized carry-on bags by posting staff at the security checkpoint lines in an effort to ‘head ’em off at the pass.’

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One thought on “Crackdown on carry-on bags

  1. Matthew B says:

    And it’s about time too. I actually think that they should specify the maximum height, width and depth of a bag so all bags go wheels first into the overhead compartment. There is enough room in those compartments for every economy passenger to bring on a 20″x14″x10″ rollaboard. Anything larger than that needs to be in the cargo hold. The number of people I’ve seen bringing aboard 26″x17x11″ suitcases and taking up an entire compartment for themselves is astounding, and just bad manners.

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