Reagan National Airport

More ways to celebrate the presidential inauguration – at the airport

DCA Exhibit

If you’re headed to Washington D.C. this weekend – or anytime between now and February 28, 2013, you can see an art exhibit commemorating the presidential inauguration at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

“Hail to the Chiefs: Portraits of United States Presidents and First Ladies,” was created by Morgan Monceaux, who used oil and acrylic paints, markers and recycled objects including campaign buttons, ribbons, jewelry and other materials to create portraits of George and Martha Washington, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, George H.W. and Barbara Bush, William and Hillary Clinton and many other U.S. Presidents and first ladies.

Below is Monceaux’s portrait of Abraham Lincoln – and here’s a link to information about this collection and the artist.


Fresh art at Dulles and Reagan National Airports

If you’re traveling through an airport in the Washington, D.C. area soon, here are two new art exhibits to seek out.

Through April 30, 2013 at Dulles International Airport, the “America!” exhibit focuses on panoramic landscape scenes from around the nation taken by members of the American Society of Photographers. Look for it in the connecting walkway between the AeroTrain C-Gates and the C Concourse.

And through April 30, 2013 in Reagan National Airport’s Terminal A you’ll see an exhibit called “Art + Craft: Celebrating the Creativity of Latin America.”

Free Wifi now at Dulles and Washington National Airports

On Monday, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority rolled out complimentary wireless internet service at Reagan National and Dulles International Airports.

Until now, if you didn’t have a subscription with a major wireless carrier or hotspot provider, you’d have to pay for access to the service. All those pay services are still available, but now a complimentary option shows up on the wireless networks list.

The service is so new that on Monday afternoon, during my layover at Dulles, there were no signs posted alerting travelers to the free service. Nor was there anything on the front page of either of the airport websites.

Once I figured out that you actually have to scroll through the ‘Terms and Conditions’ notice before clicking ‘agree,’ I was able to log onto the service quite easily.  No pop-up ads show up yet, but airport officials say that may happen n the future.

Bottom line: a great new amenity at two major US airports.  Yay!


Free WiFI at DCA and IAD





Apology not accepted???

I’ve been reading the follow-up news reports about the group of Muslim travelers (all but one of them a U.S. citizen) who were taken off a flight going from Reagan National Airport to Orlando the other day because another passenger misinterpreted some “verbal comments.”


Air Tran Airways has apologized and offered a token compensation to the family but there’s something really unsettling about the way this family was treated. ( Here’s a link to Air Tran’s press release about the apology.)  Joe Sharkey put his finger smack dab on the issue in his High Anxiety blog today.

Free (filtered) Wi-Fi on some Delta flights through Dec 31

Starting today, December 16, Delta Air L ines will be offering Aircell’s “Gogo” in-flight Wi-Fi service on one Boeing 757 flying the airline’s domestic routes and on five MD-88 aircraft flying shuttle routes between New York’s LaGuardia Airport, Boston’s Logan International Airport and Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.

The cost: $9.95 for flights three hours or less and $12.95 for flights three hours or more.

The service (which will be filtered) is free through December 31st on Gogo-equipped MD-88 shuttle flights through the end of December.

Happy sky high Wi-Fi.