Souvenir Sunday: scratch and crumple travel gifts

Don’t tell my friends and family, but pretty much everyone on my list – including me – is getting some sort of scratch or crumple map from me this year.

Yes, everyone is happy to have Google maps back on their iPhones, but these crumpled/stuff-able city maps seems like they’d be loads of fun. They’re printed on some sort of fibrous, rip-resistant, waterproof material and are available for New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Tokyo for about $20 each.

Some people keep a number tally of how many countries they’ve been to; this scratch-off map let’s them keep a visual tally. About $24.

I found these – and lots of other map and travel-related goodies that will end up in gift boxes this year -on the Uncommon Goods site, although I suspect you’ll also find these items in some other on-line and ‘in-person’ stores as well.

Now.. back to shopping..

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